Friday, July 2, 2010


Boy, Photoshop cs5 is hard!!!maybe if i had used any of the earier versions it would be easier,but i didn't.So..nothing like jumping in with both feet,huh?
Still doing fractals for zazzle,i'm using apophysis 2.09 now.I've tried apo.7x14 but can seem to put the images anywhere,but it IS more for windows 7.I was using 2.083-D hack,but it messed up.There are all kinds of plugins but can't figure those out.
This all is giving me a headach.

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  1. I'm required to take a Media class...otherwise known as CS5 this semester as a painting major. I hate it! It's incredibly hard. I am learning somethings, but I'm not sure what kind of grade I'll be getting. You always do a great job! Maybe I'll contact YOU if I need help!