Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Art-Bentley and Hippo

This is my dog Bentley and his favorite toy,his stuffed Hippo,he's a rescue dog i've had about two year's.this toy came with him,he's had it since he was a puppy.He's such a sweet dog.A print of this work is for sale at,

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lone Tree#5

this painting is Lone Tree#5,i will be listing it for sale on can see it at

Smoky and Fella

Here are two more of my dogs,Smoky on the right is the father of most of the others i have,he's AKC registered,a lot of people don't relize chihuahuas can have a long coat.the mom of mine is short hair and most of he pups were short hair.the one on the left is Littla Fella,i had sold him then the person could'nt keep him so i took him back,that was six years ago.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


This is Taz,he's the one i say is just half a dog,he is deformed,he has no neck or tail and his body is like its scrunched up.the vet did't think he would even make it,ginger his mother had 5 pups in this litter,thats to many for a chihuahua.they have2 or 3 most there was'nt enough room for taz to develope,there was one pup that did't make it.but what he lacks in size,he makes up in spunk,thats why his name is Taz.


This a picture of my cat,Cat,looking like he's seen a ghost or a bug,same look!

The real Miss Kate

This is the real Miss Kate,the one in the painting.this shows her lizard tongue that is to big for her mouth.

Miss Kate

This one of my chihuahua's,Miss Kate,i just posted this in my etsy store at christimyart and it is also entered in EBSQ August showcase,Dog day's of summer.

Butterfly Love

I just listed this ACEO in my ETSY store,stop by and see my new listings at christimyart.

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm a proud member

i'm a very proud member of EBSQ,my gallerys with all my listings can be seen here at christi 13

learning my lesson

i know now,i have an allergy to poison ivy,a little to never use to bother me,just another problem with getting older.

And it just happens,WEEDS is one of our theme shows this i thought this way i will remember to stay out of it next time.